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A lot of people are making cool stuff, and it appears you often make stuff that you would / could like to sell to others.

I am considering making some form of "open shop", but it will take a lot of work (and we are busy making the new version of LMRV4), so consider this a test - to see if there actually is an interest for a genuine me-to-you-shop in the community.

If you have something you'd like to sell, please post it below. There will be logistical challenges, because you cannot delete a comment that has comments on it - but let's see if we can manage; If you first post an item for sale, and later run out of stock, or have changes in price etc, just / edit the best you can, thanks :)

A real shop module migt also include some form of payment system, showreel, datasheet download, comments and ratings on products, but again for now, see if you cannot cope with just this post, get a paypal account, be creative ;)

If this turns out to be popular, we will make sure to give you a genuine cool member-to-member-shop.

Post your offerings below, thanks :)

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I think it is a great idea!! I will have a new product about to be launched on 1st of October!! I will keep you tuned!

Ok, here are my thoughts:

I don't want to run 2 shops. One is hard enough for me. If LMR shop gets to be what you're suggesting, then I'll gladly give up my own web shop and do it here. Instead of paying hosting and domain name, I would rather give LMR that money, since the majority of my clients come from here. I have my products listed in the Components category, but if this will help, I'll create a RobotxDesigns shop page where I'll describe what I'm offering and place links to my web store. Sorry, I am dumb when it comes to HTML or what ever you guys use to make this site or I would make an editable shop template for anyone to use.

I would have an interest.

Yeah I'm very interested in posting some of my designs up for sale.

It would be cool to have our own shooping resource right here on LMR. But I have no further ideas to share:) 

So, no interest? (I just wrote this to bring the subject back on top and try again :D)

A few weeks ago, we had a lively discussion about this. What you are proposing here could be a nice first step.

Krumlink seemed very interested, and CtC is about to launch his own web store, and would proabably benefit from a link from a central place here on LMR.

Would it work well if we managed this like we do the LMR Reviews? Each seller could build their own page, which would be tagged with 'LMR Shop' or sometihng similar. Then the collection of pages so tagged could be easily collected in one place.