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Remote Control

Please help. I am a absolute beginer and I was wondering how to build a remote. I was thinking about using a XBee but I'm not sure how they work. Also I'll be using this to control a quadcopter so it has to be capable of that. It would be good if you could show me all the wiring and where the wire connect to.

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Chris has your question answered, If you want to fly a quadcopter, buy a remota control at a hobby store. They work. and are cost efficient.


Thanks chris i have alreay started with picaxe and i can blink led and am in the process of building my start here robot. If i buy my remote and i have my reciever and i have two motors wired to my picaxe able to move using differential drive, what do i do to make the robot turn when the right button is pressed on the remote.

Thankyou very much Chris.



Hey guys,

If you want to make a remote control, great! This is very doable but you need to "work up to it" and start with a much easier project. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what you want to do here. Do you want to build this remote because you want to start learning electronics? If so, great but first, you need to forget about the remote and start learning the basics of code and wiring etc. If you want to build this remote because you want a remote, I would suggest buying a remote --It is going to be much cheaper than building your own and won't take you months.

If I have not scared you off yet, I would start with this: Get yourself an Arduino, a breadboard and some assorted parts. When I say "assorted parts" you can find beginner's kits all over the place and any of them will have what you need to get started. Now, take your arduino and a LED and see if you can get that guy to blink. Once you have a blinking LED and you see what went into getting just this simple project going, you will have a better idea of how big the remote project is going to be. 

Good luck


I am planning on making a quadrocopter remote controlled, i am an absolute beginer like EagleMojo. Gier, what would be the easiest way to make a easy remote control?


If you’re an absolute beginner, then you might start on a simpler project.
But for the XBee you have to look at it as a serial communication without a cable. So you need some way of reading you joysticks and send the data via XBee to the quadcopter. Then read the same data in the quadcopter and maneuver accordingly.
So this is way more than just figuring out where the wires go.