Let's Make Robots!

I am shopping for a store (Recomendations)

I have jumped in, two-feet-first into this idea of making a living selling robots. It has been an incredible amount of work. I think the ducks are now in a row, I have kits on hand and instructions written etc. The website is even close to done.

Now, I use Google for just about everything I do --Docs, Picassa, Sites, Gmail and I assumed that the Google store widget would be the one I would be going with. I did my first test order last night and those thoughts were quickly squelched. Google stores simply suck. To order, one is required to have a Google account with a payment method tied to that account. Who was the brain-trust that came up with this one?

I am on to PayPal --where I should have started in the first place. However, paypal uses third party outfits if you need a embedable store widget and there are a lot of choices. Some look better than others I must say.

Open question:

Of the folks here selling stuff --what are you using for a store widget? All ideas and advice will be appreciated.

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im a massive online shopper, PayPal and visa are a must for me ,make it real easy for your customer to part with there money , who else has a shop hear at LMR ?

I have heard good things about Shopify. The stores are clean and apparently very easy to operate. Hope it's of some use!


Hey Chris, glad to hear your opening your own shop. It will be a lot of work but I hope you will do well.


More food for thought. freshmeat.net hosts links to all manner of, for the most part, free software. I know I have seen mention of e-commerce website builders/content management systems.

I think I may have found it.

I did even more googling and discovered PayPal "storefront" which seems to have everything in one shebang. You guys are right by the way, it seems easy enough to just list your items and add the PayPal "buy it" buttons. This storefront thing looks like the same just all-in-one. I have no idea why a google for "pay-pal store" did not bring it up --nor do I know why it is not shown under the "merchants" section of the site. Maybe it was there and I was looking right at it... I dunno.

Thank you for your advice --I have some work to do tonight!


Hmm, this is a good question.

I am not a web page developer, actually I know nothing of how to do a webpage. So, to me it was essential to get an easy to set up web store. Since I blog on Wordpress, I searched for possibilities of using wordpress tools to build the site. To make it work, I followed 3 steps:

- get a domain name and hosting (I got it from Netfirms and it sucks. Expensive and slow. I wish I had better advice at the time. But I chose it at the time because it was Wordpress compatible and even had a button to install Wordpress.)
- install wordpress, configure it, add content
- use a Paypal plugin OR the Paypal offered buttons. I chose the WP Simple Paypal Shopping Cart because it was free. In retrospect, I had so many problems with the automated shipping feature that was not working after any plugin or worpress update that I had to forget about it. There was another shopping cart from the same maker, that used a database to track inventory and had other features, but it was costing me some money and I was already spending more that I was making. 

Perhaps in the winter time I'll have the patience to re-do the web store and use(find) better options. 

Quick edit ... in my post i said norton had no visa or paypal option to purchase online .... ment to type only had visa or paypal ....

from a customer prospective ... i dont shop online much .. as dont have a visa card etc and cant get a paypal account as i dont have a visa card lol. any bills or such i pay online i use my laser card but this can only be used in Ireland where im from. One thing i do use is moneybookers can find them at http://www.moneybookers.com/app/ ... i use this for my main hobby playing poker easy to transfer money to and from my bank account to various poker sites ( have to give them full marks for ease of use and security)  .... have yet to figure out why more places dont have this as a option for shopping with. i recently had to upgrade my anti virus software and had to change from norton to AVG as norton had no no visa or paypal option to purchase online .. where as i was able to purchace AVG online with laser. so what im trying to say is give plenty of options to your customers as many as you can or you will have potential customers out there who would like to purchase but cant.

I have not actually made a store, but this is kind of how I figured I would do it:

I was thinking that paypal add to cart buttons or buy now buttons would work. That way you could really make any page the way you want it: the description, photos, menus, etc. and in the end just have a button for that product. There are also advanced options for the buttons that I did not know about before, like inventory tracking. This just seemed like the obvious way to me. Layout the pages how you want it and embed a button. Idk if I am over simplifying it or over complicating it.