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my servo not centered

i have buyed unbranded servo.. my servo is not in center.. if i set it to 150, it turns to one side...that is to 180degree. so i can't rotate it on both side.. can anyone help me to sotout this problem...!

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servo 0,150 wait 2( for center)

servo 0,15 wait 2(to turn left)

servo 0,225 wait 2(to turn right)

servo 0,150 wait 2( for center)

by using this code it rotate left side, and stop to right side....

but by using below code it does not rotate to left side...

servo 0,150 wait 2

servo 0,75 wait 2 (turns right)

servo 0,225 wait 2

servo 0,150 wait 2

wht can i do? plzz help me...

is servo defect piece.. or im not using correct code..!




to download and check the servo and servopos commands in the PICAXE manual 2. In the copy I have, those two commands start on page 204. The manual even includes sample code that 'should' work.

OK ... i will try it...THNX!

centre for servos is usually 1500us