Let's Make Robots!

"Brian" Lives - Spawn of the North

Introducing my latest Robot "Brian" :-

Born             :-   Friday 23rd September 2011 @ 10:30 BST

Weight         :-   60 grammes

Dimensions  :-   2.5″ x 2.0″

Gender         :-  Hermaphrodite

    It is my first attempt at creating a cost effective "Swarm" bot ....

.... Brian is learning fast, though is only crawling at the "MoMo"

Brian is awaiting a Sharp sensor , Ir TV remote sensor (and/or BlueTooth), cliff detect sensors....

Edit :- Sharp sensor installed (no need for mounting it on a servo as i can scan using main motors :-)

... then its full gas on the "Evolution" software...

... I have designed Brian in a shield like way....meaning a quick change of ie (motor shield board ) will change his drive personality.

... i have plans to make  ....sensor shields.... visual effect shields......comms shields.

...Brian is looking for God-Parents ......any offers.....(in case radiation levels, or Lipo explosions take me out)

.... I have an idea (for the swarm) to use the same drive mechanics, but different RBBB MCUs..

.... if any manufactors/shops out there have any RBBB MCUs that would fit the Shell .....then "Ping" me....

...............and your RBBB could be part of the Swarm.......

Now with adjustable "Shark"

Edit :- Now with Stereo IR coded Ears ...... for ID_ing others in swarm and direction finding of fellow robots.

Idea is simple...... each robot transmits a unique code over IR .. Each robots has two IR receivers which not only detects the ID of other robots but also if it came from the right or left (take into consideration that this is a coarse way of navigating to another robot however given time my calculation is they will eventually meet).

EDIT :- and indeed it works .....sometimes he has to go around the bush a few times ....Left/Right logic gets him there in the end.

TV remotes have circa 10meter or more TX signal........neato....... now to build my own......ekkk where to start...

Brians exo_skeleton ....... moulded PolyMorph around a Glass paper weight.

Best to Stand out in the Swarm........ Glow PM to the rescue. here too..

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So small, I love small bots :D

I have been waiting to see Brian seens yesterday, i think He/She (hermaphrodite?) will be a great robot when He/She grows up!!

:-)  Monkey too Human evolution took a little longer than my weekend project "hatchling" though.....

wow, thank you very much, i'm very proud to be an uncle !!

Cootchie cooo !

So what motor/wheel combos are "cost effective" ?

Cant wait for the evolution of the Evolution software !


Brian sports :-

  1. 2 x GM10 geared motors   $20 though cheap continous servos could also be used, im not looking for speed.
  2. 1 x RBBB Propeller board $20 though a single 40pin prop chip is $8
  3. 1 x Sharp distance sensor $20 though i had real good deal 6 sharps for $6 (ebay)
  4. 1 x 3.6V Battery (unable to cost as it came out of an borged RF telephone, Phone Lipos would also work)
  5. Rest is just perf board and sundry componants

Let's hope it'll always look on the bright side of life when growing up ...



... sorry, i'm already out o//

"Muppets" would be the better influence I reckon "Uncle" Badream

Oh it look's just like you , you must be a proud dad :) lol

Honorary "Uncle" ChuckCrunch title has been bestowed on you.......

Yes i am starting to "Glow" at night too......