Let's Make Robots!

Finally, dedicated robot-building corner! Hurray! :D

Hey, everybody!

I just got myself dedicated robot building place! Finally!!! Hurray!!! :D

Now, all my robot stuff is in one place :) And (the most important thing!) locked away from my 9 month old daughter:)

On this positive waive I have started working on my next robot project: WallBouncerBot. His first picture:

His chassis is complete. And I will post details soon, I hope :D

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A nerd needs a corner.

Congrats, and may the blue smoke be with you :)

Haha! :D

Maybe better something like: may the blue smoke always be contained in your ICs and would not be let out!

That is actually a great name for a website: The Nerd´s Corner 

i loled, LOL

I have a similar setup only mine is always covered with stuff ... I never seem to be able to clear it :/

Same here! If you are able to keep your space that neat, then you are worth your weight in gold! Mine is always cluttered with (what other people would refer to as) scrap.


I use a couple of similar boxes for my parts, but I always seem to need more space!

Congrats on your new little corner of dedicated robot-geekiness. The new bot looks pretty cool, too.

Thanks a lot!

Yeah, this box is very useful. First time I saw it, I knew I'd buy it. :) Top compartment can take lots of tools.

I have a bunch of boxes I keep my robot parts / tools. But, one of my favorites is the one you have shown in your first picture. I keep tools in the top and screws, washers, spacers, nuts & bolts in the removable boxes. Good luck with your WallBouncerBot.