Let's Make Robots!

Finally, dedicated robot-building corner! Hurray! :D

Hey, everybody!

I just got myself dedicated robot building place! Finally!!! Hurray!!! :D

Now, all my robot stuff is in one place :) And (the most important thing!) locked away from my 9 month old daughter:)

On this positive waive I have started working on my next robot project: WallBouncerBot. His first picture:

His chassis is complete. And I will post details soon, I hope :D

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Thanks a lot!

Yeah, this box is very useful. First time I saw it, I knew I'd buy it. :) Top compartment can take lots of tools.

I use a couple of similar boxes for my parts, but I always seem to need more space!

Congrats on your new little corner of dedicated robot-geekiness. The new bot looks pretty cool, too.

A nerd needs a corner.

Congrats, and may the blue smoke be with you :)

i loled, LOL

That is actually a great name for a website: The Nerd´s Corner 

Haha! :D

Maybe better something like: may the blue smoke always be contained in your ICs and would not be let out!