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Aarduino computer parts cnc

Hello I am working on a new project which I call computer parts CNC. The basic design calls for three stepper motor driven carriage assemblies from old disk drives that I found laying around. The project’s only expense for me was the three h-bridge chips that I will have to order which are only 15$. My first attempt at this project failed because of the expenses that came with it for all the wood, threaded rod, electronics, and other things that I failed to complete it. This time I was in a mission to cut costs and did so by using salvaged parts from a computer tower I got for 10$ at a garage sail a long tome ago, I took the carriages out of the disk drives and connected the carriages for the x and y assesses together as shown in this picture. 

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The mechanics you have at hand will not support any load on them. Think about it: those sleds  have been designed to do one thing well and that is to move the laser head with good speed and high precision.

Putting a pen on them will cause friction the sled is not designed to handle, best case you will be able to do with it is draw a more or less straight line. Don't even consider trying to mill anything it will not do. What you could do is strapping a stronger laser on them, then you could do some really neat engraving.

I don't want to dicourage you, but you should see this project as practice to help in understanding how stepper motors work and the mechanics, then when you get it running you can move on to a more sturdier setup.


Actually I may be using the cnc for drawling so the power is not needed also if I decide to miil something it will be a pcb or a pece of fome


But I am wondering if the parts would be strong enough for a CNC? What are you planning on milling? 

Would love to see it in action. Good luck!