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Ipad vs. Laptop

   A few days ago my trusty laptop died.  This laptop was my main computer for years and it was always great for what I needed it to do.  I used it for browsing the net, programming, music, itunes, etc. and it was used hard and a lot.  I went threw many chargers for it and currently the battery holds no charge at all so it was getting close to the time to start shopping again. Then it died, so I set up a desktop that I am currently using that someone gave me because it needed the power supply replaced.  This desktop I am planning to use for itunes, music, and programming (along with web browseing once in a while) once I get a new internet device.

   So this leads me to the question of should I get an iPad or a laptop?  I know about what laptops can do and mine was great but I have only played with an iPad a few times, so I have a few questions about them.  I have heard a lot of good things about them and there around the same price as a laptop so here are a few of my questions.

1st.Can I upload pictures from an iPad directly to LMR?

2nd.Can I upload videos directly from an iPad to youtube?

3rd.Have you or could you make a post on LMR with it?

And final do you know or have any comments about it or cons/positives about it.

Thanks for any advice,


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Experinece the Tablet feeling on the cheap:


and have a look at the leather cases with keyboard:


My point of view:

Although the cheap tablets are nice and work OK, I do not like the fact that you need to plug in that big adapter to get to the USB ports to plug in a Bluetooth or keyboard.

If I were to choose, I would choose a tablet with a built in USB 2.0 port and a separate USB Mini port (device) so you can connect it to the PC and update your OS. For instance, this one:



I used to own the 10" ZT180 tablet and I can say that I was happy with the way it worked. I only sold it to get an Android phone (that I lost after 2 months). Now there is version 2 of the tablet with a faster processor and built in webcam. If it also had 2 point touch screen, that would have been great. The differences between a tablet and a phone are:

- phone has built in Bluetooth, tablet not, but a dongle can be used

- phone has built in GPS, most tablets do not

- screen size matters, the bigger, the easier to read

- tablet has faster processor

- phone can make calls, tablet usually not, but can use a 3G modem for internet


There are also smaller tablets, 4.3",  that I think might be used as robot brains...

I made the mistake of getting an iPad. It's great for the things mentioned above, but just doesn't allow me to use the complete functionality of the device. I recommend android.

Currently I am most interested in a Acer Iconia W500 Windows 7 tablet which doubles as a laptop also.  So far the only negative thing I heard about it is "Its not an iPad."