Let's Make Robots!

I had a postcard from LetsMakeRobots

I was quite surprised, and got very happy when I received this:

Lol, I did not know we had official LMR postcards these days :D

I recon it's from the guys who went to Maker Faire last weekend ;)

Thanks guys, thanks a lot :)

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Wow! I've made it to the LMR postcard :D I wish I had one..

But I have uploaded the design files, including a print ready PDF file on my original post (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/28803), so that you can print your own!

Very cool. I knew Flummer was collecting picture but I haven't seen a close up of the end result.

Glad you enjoyed the surprise!

The postcard was Thomas Flummer's creation. We didn't think to collect signatures until we were breaking down a the end of the faire. Otherwise, we could have had a lot more!