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Rocket Brand Robot Test Facility

Dog-hair-free Robot Testing Area


I have removed robot wheels to remove dog hair one too many times...

This is my new test facility. Built from a 4x8 sheet of whiteboard material and some cheap #2 pine, the basic frame went together pretty quick with nothing more than simple, basic construction techniques. The lift mechanism is (2) window motors from a Hyundai Elantra. --I have to recommend these motors, they are awesome! Super powerful with a nice big gear exposed to weld to, and they even come in left and right models. Not to mention, they only draw a few amps each. The switches are just center-off, DPDT momentary guys from the store of which we do not speak (Shady 'o Rack). A 7.2v racing pack provides the power.

The steel work was pretty simple but a little time consuming, done with just an angle grinder and a drill press -nothing fancy. All-in-all, it took me a few hours one night to build the frame and most of the next afternoon to do the metal work. I think I spent around 100 bucks or so on the whole thing.

Lower and retract work flawlessly with the exception of one motor working just slightly faster than the other --I added a second switch to allow the motors to be switched independently and now all is right in the world.

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I've seen gaming tables of this size using the same method of ceiling storage. I never would have applied it to robotics. Brilliant.

Great minds think alike, look what I did, just last weekend:

(It didn't fly like yours though ;D) And in fact, I did not even make it, I only marked it up with tape. It was for a show I did in Norway:


But I envy you - a good track like that is priceless to have ready! (Without dog hair :)

Nice one, Chris :)

Wow, that board is awesome.

Is it actually robot-based Pacman? It looks like you got your ghosts there plus a couple "regular" bots. Bunch of kids around too --is it all RC? Whatever it is, it is great!


2 robots semi RC; Chose if they should go left/right when facing a wall. Controller for each had 2 flashing lights, and two buttons. Robots had a light in either side, matching those on controller, indicating what side the robots would turn to. If you managed to drive a "pacman" robot over a "power up" (silver markings on the track, with magnets to sense under neath), a large needle would tilt downwards, and point ahead for a while.

3 "Ghosts"; Driving around with baloons on top. If a "pacman" managed to drive over a "power up", so the needle pointed ahead, it could try and pop a baloon. A pop was detected, the robot drove out to a side to get a new baloon on, and the happy popper got himself a coke for a prize :)

Cool. You should post about your event, Frits!

Nice thought Chris! I probably need to build one myself too. Running out of space soon!!!!

Lol what chris.

Because, I was thinking of doing something similar if I ever got rich and could open a shop that could host sumo comps or whatnot.

SNAZZY, I think you should make your phone and robot able to control it.  It might also be a good place to store a swarm of robots!

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