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vectorising images


i have an image i have got from my robot, i would like to know how to vectorise images,

i have built my program twice, once in vb and in java,

i would like top be able to convert it in real time

here is a test image



image.zip contains pics of me walking across the lounge room, after they have been processed.



i will be replacing the camera with a range detector. 


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img.zip1.25 MB

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When I was working on a CNC degree, I was allowed to use whatever method I wanted to generate a simple plaque. My work flow consisted of a few freeware programs. I started with a bmp image, I believe, and fed that to potrace, which converted my bmp to a postscript, ps, file. I followed that up with pstoedit, which would convert the ps file to dxf files. Oops too much info. :) Anyway potrace should manage your conversion for you, if you are trying to do it after the fact.


i am going to try to use it,  

i was hopeing to be able to convert it in my program, but i a going to try to get it to open the output then i will import its result

Doing a quick google search turned up several research leads:




Now... what do you intend to do with the vectorized images? I have a feeling it may not work out the way you expect... (things rarely work the way you expect them to)

i am hoping to be able to do shape recognition from the vectors,

then be able to do obstacle avoidance

I'm not trying to discourage you but it probably won't work...

Try reading about what other people have done. There are many algorithms out there, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Maybe someone has already solved your problem or maybe you can mix and match other people's solutions, but you still have to do a lot more research.