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Anyone using Thing-O-Matic 3D printer in LMR??

Yeah, you can LOL at this crap. This is what I got for first print "20MM cube".

Before I got the whole thing working there are so many detail I have to adjust. It has too many versions on parts and instruction is every where. However, I got it to print out SOMETHING finally.

But this is the problem I have now: It didn't print out properly. The WIRE is way to thin and extruder head slightly contact the object while printing. I know it's probably something relate to Z-height but I have tried many ways to work around and none of them works. Hoping to have anyone who know what may cause this issue.

Thanks in advance to whom may help me on this!!

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I am using MK6 StepStruder with 3mm filament. Firmware are updated on both boards.

First of all congratulations on your ToM. When you get it working properly it will give you lots of fun.

Your raft looks like crap. I think you have an issue on the Z axis max position. Did you level the building platform properly? And did you run the calibration script and change the value in the start code file?

I’m using the ReplicatorG 0024 and Seinforge 35 as my Gcode generator. When I first built my machine I thought that Seinforge 39 must be better than the Seinforge 35 as it had a higher version number. That was not the case, so try using ReplicatorG 0024 and Seinforge 35. When things work good you can start experimenting.

Did you calibrate the stepperdrivers http://wiki.makerbot.com/thingomatic-doc:electronics-installation

Does your timing belts have the correct tension?

Yes, I did run that script every time. timing belts looks fine to me but I am more concider the nozzle head and that M6 screw maybe too tight? Because I noticed if I use hand to bush the filament down by little force it comes out better.

When you adjust the Z axis in calibration, the nozzle has to slightly touched platform or leave some space like they suggested 2mm?

First level the platform manually I used a post-it note folded over. Check every corner of the platform so that it is even. Or better get yourself some feeler gauge http://www.ebay.com/itm/0-05-1mm-Thickness-Gap-Metric-Filler-Feeler-Gauge-New-/160645928659?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item25673e56d3
When the platform is level run the calibration script and leave like 1mm space to the platform.

Thanks again for all information. I actually just purchased a ABS from that ebayer you suggested. I wanna try if darker color can make any difference than pure white ABS. Are they making any difference between colors?

Yeah, I guess you are lucky it works came out from box. I will keep working on adjust those minor settings.

I’m sorry to hear that you still have problems.
One problem that I had during my build was the red/black cable that is used for the heating element. When measuring the resistance before the final assembly I noticed that there was a break (or actually several) in the supplied cable. So I had to change it with some other cable that I had lying around. You might look in to that and see if there is a heating issue.

This is what my control panel looks like.

Try monitoring the temperature and extrude some plastic. Does it come out evenly or is the stepper slipping? With the arrows try running the build platform and Z hight around and monitor the temperature (or just wiggle the red/black cable around to see if there might be a break in it)
I still think that this is a mechanical / build issue and the normal settings should work.

If it's mech/build issue. The problem I can think of is: There are 3 kind of tube (red,white and 2 layer) for extruder when I got the package. I used red tube, that shouldn't be problem right?

Tempture looks fine to me but steeper slipping, not too sure. It comes out like:

~~~~------~~~~------ Is it normal? or it should comes out all the way ~~~~~~~~~ or -----------------?

No, that’s not normal. It should come out like ---------------------- so I think the problem is the stepstruder. Have a close look at it and check that the alignment of the grove matches exactly the hole that the filament is feed through.

If that’s ok, then you might check the board and calibration of that stepper. It might not get enough current…

When you feed plastic from the control panel it should flow evenly.  Change the setting of extrusion duration to maybe 10-30 seconds and watch it carefully. If it slips, then that’s your problem and not any software settings. Maybe make mark on the filament with a pen to have a reference to how fast it moves and how smooth.

When you say red tube, you mean the tube inside the extruder down to the hot end? Then, yes that’s the right one for 3mm filament.
Did you get it all the way to the bottom? I had to sand mine a bit on the outside to get it all the way.