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Telepresence Magabots - Any volunteers?

UPDATE 04 Dec 2011:


We're here at this amazing robotics exhibit in Lisbon, Portugal and we have several available magabots. 

If you want to have a look at the different robots (quad and octocopters, tracked robots, robotic guides, etc), just visit us or meet other LMRers face-to-face (or robot-to-robot ;) ), add 'magabot.cc' to your skype contacts list and take the control of one of them :D



UPDATE 08 Nov 2011:

Hi everyone,

We'll have again a bunch of Magabots together all in one place, this time on SAPO Codebits V, to test telepresence among other things.

3 days. 24 hours a day. 800 attendees. Talks. Workshops. Lots of food and beverages. 48 hour programming/hacking competition. Quiz Show. Presentation Karaoke. Security Competition. Lots of gaming consoles. LEGO. More food. More beverages. More coding. Sleeping areas. More fun. An unforgettable experience.


If you feel like you want to have a look arround, meet other LMR's face-to-face or just play, add 'artica.cc' on skype and we'll give you the control of one of the bots :D


I'll announce here once they're ready :)



Original Post 01 Oct 2011:


Hi LMR, 

Me, guibot and some friends are at TEDxEdges with some robots and need people to test telepresence with them..

If you're available please add 'artica.cc' to your skype contact list so we can give you the control of a Magabot, you have until 19 PM of today (London Time).

Let's Get Magabot !!  :)

Thank You!



PS: All you need is skype. It's not necessary to install any other software.


Update 01 Oct 2011 - 23h... (London Time)


Here are the first photos:

Birdmun on Magabot

Voodoobot watching the view

Voodoobot ready to take a swim

Gareth watching the sunset

Gareth watching "Torre de Belém"

??? (Gareth)

Gareth and automatic doors: be afraid! :D

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I tested early in the morning one of the Magabots for about 15 minutes. I figured fast that there is a small delay from what I saw on the screen and I had to stop the turns a bit before the actual desired position. But it moved perfectly, I could increase/decrease the speed and I bumped a bit into the other smaller bots, just to see if I could push them around, but the bot just stopped nicely. Unfortunately I had to go to the farm and quit playing a lot sooner than I wanted. Anyway, it was a lot of fun! I wish I had more time to explore like other LMR members did. Nice project!


I've just posted the first photos.

BTW, we were at Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown :)


Big wow factor to see the picture of sunset ....... that MagaBot5 sure took on my personality (dreamer) spaced out by idyllic seashore.....makes me homesick for the shoreline ;-(

Nice time_ing with the Alien eyes......

    It was so much fun to control the Magabots......... and set me into thinking about the real implications that tele-present guided robots can really make a difference.

    On my "ride" at the start there where no delays (really undetectable) in the commands to Magabot2... yes i did bump a couple of things and got to wave to a fellow Magabot driver "Screen to Screen" contact (not sure who it was though - this was one of the highlights for me).

   On the "Ride" outside with Magabot5 XicoMBD guided me to the seaside and was welcomed by a beautiful sunset.....(wife and son where impressed too) and another highlight... delay was around 2-4 seconds outside .....however after a while it got easier to pre-calculate when to turn....... Further in the the ride i was faced by some Automatic doors .....my time_ing was not so good and i am sure the doors bumped me a bit.......(would love to see the video).

   Back inside the building i was able to get some girls to wave at me - (that was another highlight)..

The Highlights indicated above where for me a real good experience and i was really present.....really really present......what can i say but "Maga Cool"

Yes i wish i had taken some screenshots too.......but i was just to engrossed in the present....

Thanks again and i hope to be able to control again ......soooooooon.

TNX for getting me out of trouble too.......

Posted the video. 

Unfortunately I only filmed the last part :(

That's perfect, exactly how I remembered, it was hard to catch the door when open, maybe a fish-eye lens would have helped, or pan tilt camera (not so easy with netbook:-) If I remember it was just the spiked shoe cleaning carpet on the inside of the door that was stopping my entry...... well that's my excuse :-) tnks for posting... Gareth

That what we're thinking to do, add a nice webcam with a tilt mechanism, and maybe, try to use a GoPro camera instead of the webcam :)

We've been pre-selected for a Development Commission from Robots and Avatars ( :D ) and the tilted webcams are included on our budget.

That is real Neat News....good luck and.... Knock them dead......

.....if you need a test guinea pig to remote drive the "Cow" ..... i think i got some Alps awaiting here........

so much fun!!! the one on the other Magabot was me :) we are going to repeat this for sure, and next time will be announced as soon as possible!

I spent an hour running two of the bots and have to say this was a lot of fun. I particularly had fun near the end when I was trying to navigate through the opening of the auditorium where there were several people standing around. Thanks guibot and xico for that great little guided tour across the pond! I wish I had gotten some screen caps of this cause there were a couple of great shots.