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SHR Reborn

Its a sumo bot, line follower, and object avoidance, all in one little package.

   This robot is a rebuild of my Start Here Robot.  One day I was looking for things to do(other than clean my work bench) and saw my my SHR sitting there and thought why don't I build that nicer and add some line sensors to it.  So I did.

   Its just a basic SHR with a few line sensors on the front in a fancy shell. So far I coded it to be a basic object avoider, and line follower with plans to make it a sumo bot also.  I lost all the code except for the line follower code when my laptop died so I have to rewrite it.


I will post more detailed pictures next week when I get a chance.



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Ha ha. I love the key for the power switch.

I love them because they are so easy to mount since they slide right into a 5/8s hole.  Plus they are only 99 cents @ sparkfun.

Not only that but unless you give the key to someone noone can activat him