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Stupid TV people to make stupid TV show about 'nerds'

check this out:


From the producers of MYTHBUSTERS, SURVIVOR and AMAZING RACE comes a new Competition based show embracing and celebrating passionate and intellectual guys and girls 21-30 years old. Showcase your skills by competing on topics you already know and WIN BIG $$!!!

Are you a super fan of STAR WARS, STAR TREK, HARRY POTTER, LORD OF THE RINGS, BATTLESTAR or DRAGONS and WIZARDS? Are you a GAMER who owns every console and maxes out trophies and achievements? Do you have an outrageous collection of TOYS and/or COMIC BOOKS? Are you passionate about MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS, BIOLOGY, etc? Do you build ROBOTS and write APPS and PROGRAMS for fun? Do you consider yourself a MAKER or DIY person? Have you ever been to BURNING MAN? Are you obsessed with SUPER HEROES? Are you a D&D, or WoW fanatic? Do you love everything SCI-FI? Are you ARDUINO proficient? Can you list all the digits of PI? Are you in MENSA?


please join me in emailing these idiots to tell them what they are doing wrong...


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You will just have to put them in the right order;-)

Hmm. I suppose that answer could be applied to many, many mathematical problems.

Good one.

 Sounds like a game show, that's not going to hold my attention ,  ... at least it dose not come from the UK there infotainment  is real bad .

I don’t know why you are so upset over this. There are not many here at LMR that I would consider calling a nerd, and compared to many of the other shows coming from USA I would rather have this then;

  • A useless karaoke contest like American idol
  • Shows about anorectic girls trying to become top models
  • Watching fat people in pain for money or glory (not for the health issue)
  • Showing off young girls in heavy markup as a Beauty pageant,  just to relive the dreams of their parents (read mother)

Give me a geek / nerd any day to show off their knowledge and interest.

i'm not upset at all, i find the whole thing to be hilarious because these
people are so completely not understanding what a 'nerd' is :P

a true show centered around the stereotype nerd might be a cool thing.
but this show is doomed to fail for the same reasons that make the shows you mention
the vile garbage they are + the fact that these producers are entirely without anything resembling, or
capable of emulating, 'a clue'.

for the record: i am one quarter nerd on my mothers side.


Well at least they aren't doing the real world with nerds... yet

All these sort of shows are stupid if you can understand what they are saying. That's why I prefer their Chinese imitations :-D

I personally like, "Can you list all the digits of PI?"

Answer: No. Neither can anyone else.

No, but I have Euler's number, e, down :P

actually, it depends on how many slices you cut it in :P