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Programmable Acoustic Distance Sensor

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Vendor's Description: 

P.A.D.S is a programmable multi-purpose acoustic distance sensor based on the Parallax Propeller. It has the same basic form factor as the popular Parallax PING))) sensor and is compatible with the PING))) interface signals. In addition it can be communicated with using I2C serial communication as well as the Parallax Prop Plug.

Other features include:

  • Many parameters, such as sensitivity,maximum range, and output power can be changed using the I2C Interface.
  • Parameter changes can be saved to non-volatile memory. 
  • An analog out connection, with user selectable output, including echo signal versus time, and analog value of distance. 
  • Multiple echo peak times and values can be read via I2C. 
  • An internal mode that does not require an external trigger. 
  • A Parallax PropPlug connection for custom programming and debug. 
  • 3 available COGS (processors) for user programming with real time access to existing signals. 
  • 4 free I/O pins available at the board edge for user purposes. 
  • Detection to 2 inches from sensor. 
  • Application software freely available for modification for use on P.A.D.S hardware. 
  • Software available to easily interface and control the P.A.D.S from another Propeller microcontroller.

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