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444-AVXB Robot Module

Vendor's Description: 

Designed for the robot hobbyist, the 444-AVXB expands the Propeller Platform to include connections for just about every "standard" thing you would find on a small to medium-sized robot.

  • A hefty motor driver handles decent-sized motors with nice screw terminals for both power and motor connections.
  • (4) 3-pin connections are provided for servos which can be powered by either external power or on-board power.
  • An ADC chip allows for 4 analog inputs to be read, great for analog sensors, pots, LDR's etc.
  • Video-out takes advantage of the awesome video capability of the prop and can be connected to any TV with a video-in and/or many of the cheapie 7" LCD screens (found on Ebay).
  • Audio is just that, audio out with the circuit being the same as can be found on many other propeller products.
  • Pin 15 has been brought forward as well for a Ping))) sonar unit.
  • Finally, there is room and connections for EITHER an X-bee or Bluetooth module. All unused pins are accessible via female headers.

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