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Balance Robot using DAGU 6WD

Balance on two Wheels

This is the first prototype of the Balancing Robot. In this version , I used two sharp sensors to control the motors.this is as first step till the IMU comes from sparkfun. I used Kalman Filtering to reduce the sensors noise. The PID parameter still need more tuning. i will upload the video after finishing the fine tuning.

this picture is for the Geared motor with ratio 34:1 and the rubber tyres.

the following picture is for the sharp sensor. I used 80cm type.

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thanks OddBot. I did not know the 6WD is your design.

I still have problems with the PID tuning. the robot can not be stable more than few seconds. i dont know what were is  the problem exactly.


Which gearbox are you using? 34:1 or 75:1?

"...this picture is for the Geared motor with ratio 34:1 and the rubber tyres..."

That photo was not there originally.

Ok, 34:1 should be good as it has more top speed for quick corrections and less backlash. I suspect that you may need to adjust your response curve to allow for momentum. Having your battery higher will help.

Why did you choose to place the battery so high?

it is not so high. it is in the upper half of the body. I think at this height it will make the system more stable and will make it less senstive to small effects. of course the load at the motors will increas as the height increases.

I love it when someone makes one of my kits do something it was never intended to do.