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Where do you buy your electronic components?

In the past, I didn't need electronic components because I thought it was too complicated. Now that I've learned more, I want to buy some ecomponents to start building/hacking circuits. Where should I buy electronic components? Where do you buy yours? 

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Hey guys, check this out!


Click "SHOP" at the top...

Cliche Quote: :You can Trust Me!" 

Jeezum, I hate saying that in an Election Year!

Thanks a lot for all the help. I have looked at Digikey in the past but it seemed sketchy. But now I'm pretty sure I can trust them though I'll probably buy from Mouser (I don't know why but I like Mouser more than Digikey). eBay is pretty cool but I have already been scammed there and I prefer buying from a really popular store. The only thing that is worth buying in eBay (in my opinion) would be wireless cameras and iPods :).

I get most of my stuff from eBay and especially  http://stores.ebay.com/Thai-Shop-Etc where they have things like.
50 x 2N3904 transistors for $2.40 (free shipping) [from Sparkfun it’s $0.75 for one, +shipping]
100 x 1K resistor for $1.49 (free shipping)
5 x LM324 Op Amp at $1.49 (free shipping)
I don’t mind waiting 2-3 weeks for my items as I usually work on several projects at the same time.

What have you found so far?

I did find Digikey (which I didn't like so much at first) and I have looked thoroughly for stores in Montreal but all of the electronics sold are aimed for industrial application (like 120V-240V stuff, AC power, giant relays 50A stuff etc.). In short, I still end up buying everything online. 

I usually find parts using digikey.com or mouser.com, then I punch the manufacturer part # into findchips.com (that way you don't need to check the "in stock" box when shopping on mouser/digikey, plus find the best deal for the quantity you want)


Mouser.com, it's where all the cool kids go! 

i get allmost all of my stuff from ebay.