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XBee interference issues, looking for substitutes

Hi all,


I'm building a robot which is currently wirelessly connected via XBee Pro and has an onboard 2.4 GHz pin hole camera.

The problem is that the XBee's signal is often degraded when the camera is working.

I've tried out the codes using a wired connection and all is good.


Thus, I'm looking for a wireless replacement for connecting the robot to the PC. Any suggestions are welcomed :)

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You might be interested in a 1.2GHz camera like this, which specifies a good range:


Hi, thanx for the info.

Unfortunately, the 1.2 GHz band is not a legal freq band in my country :(

Thants too bad, I guess you can't chew gum either (its prohibited in Singapore)!

Your problem is that both the camera and Xbee are at 2.4GHz. If you go through your Xbee settings I think you can change the channel used. The camera may also have some way of changing channels. If you cannot solve the issue that way then you can get Xbee's that operate at lower frequencies with greater range but they also have a lower baud rate. It may be easier to get a camera that transmits at a different frequency instead.

Off the shelf wireless cameras operate at 4 channels in the 2.4 GHz network. I've 4 cameras attached to this robot and have selected the freq on the XBee to be as far from the nearest camera freq as possible.

In general, series 2 radios cannot coexist with the camera setup, thus I've resorted to the XBee Pro instead.

Though its range is deteriorated in this case, at least both the XBee and camera can work together.

As for the camera freq, it's pretty much controlled by the local authority.

Both the 1.2 & 5.8 GHz cameras are illegal in my country.