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Navigate around via IR
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Pictures in High res. now available on: https://picasaweb.google.com/117478617231202648212/Primo?authkey=Gv1sRgCLy4gIfUuZSIrwE

The Code is on English now !!!!! but it is Terrible :D












Tutorial - How to make Primo



We will need:


  • Breadboardwith 840 pins (recommended)Primo - Breadboard


  • Picaxe-08M or Picaxe-08M2 (M2 is better)Picaxe-08M


  • H-Bridge - L293D



  • Motors Pololu - 100:1 and 360mA



  • Wheels Pololu - 32x7



  • Servo

I used the HXT900, because it is cheap and we do not need lot of power.



  • Sharp GP2Y0A21



  • Resistors:
  • 10kΩ (3x)
  • 22kΩ (1x)
  • 220Ω (4x)
  • 182Ω (1x)



  • Connectors


(picture from "Start here")


  • Wire




Assembly Primo


1. We must assembly the Mainboard.




2. Solder wires (with female connectors) on motors.



3. The Foam tape

Put foam tape on Motors, Servo, Sensor and on everything what you want attach on te robot.


Tape you must put over


and stick it on the battery holder



4. Stick all parts together.

First we stick motore with wheel on the breadboard.


Next you can stick the IR sensor on Servo. Important - When you are stiking the IR sensor on servo, servo must be in center !


Now we can attach te servo with sensor in the bread board.


It is look like Robot ! :D Finaly you stick the battery holder on your "robot".


Imortant - You must attach the battery holder like you see on the picture !



5. Connect

Now connec the connectors, plug in batteries and programming :D


You can pull up motors for better stability.







I add here more informations !!! But if you have some questions please ask.

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Sorry for my questions… But can I use a breadboard with 270 pins?

You can use all type of breadboards but I think 270 is small. :-(

Wow great tutorial and amazing robot! keep up the great work!!

I love breadboard-bots, and your documentation is amazing.  Thanks for sharing!

You haven't translated the code?

Sorry, I do not have a time today. I am going to translate the code tomorrow. Today you can try write code yourself. In article "Start Here" is lot of examples.

Very clean. Nice job.

Thanks for all ;)

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

Can u plz tell me how to connect it to computer and program it..