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Gives mobility to any laptop

Uploaded another new video, showing telepresence with Google Talk            >>>

Magabot is an Arduino based, open source robotics platform designed to give mobility to any portable computer.

This robot is being developed in a partnership between Artica and IDMind, and with the great participation of XicoMBD.

Any robot with a computer is a very powerfull robot, and because all laptops have a camera, a screen, speakers, microphone, batteries and usb interfaces, your robotics experience will be empowered with Magabot. 

The Software:

Follow colors, wall follower, face detection and telepresence among many others are available at the moment, many other applications are being developed right now.

We will provide interfaces and API's for VisualStudio, .NET, c#, c++, openFrameWorks, Processing, Arduino, Flash, Unity3D,  MAXMSP, PD and if you feel like you want to develop your own interface you will be welcome too, we give full credits on everything.

You will be able to download apps for the Magabot, to develop your own apps, and if you feel they deserve money, you will be able to sell them too. 

The hardware:

The hardware is made with rigid PVC and a differential drive chassis with highly precise encoders on both motors at the commands of an Arduino and a customized shield. You’re completely invited to change and adapt it to your needs.

The basic setup integrates:
- Arduino UNO and shield;
- PVC chassis with DC motors with encoders;
- Three Infrared-sensors on the bottom to detect stairs or lines;
- Two bumpers on the front to detect collisions;
- Three RGB leds if you are in the mood for some tuning;
- A battery sensor to know how if it is in the need for some juice;
- I2C bus on top to connect any I2C devices;
- A 7.2v battery and a charger.

Add-ons built at the moment:
- Pack of 5 Maxbotix sonar sensors with PVC supports to connect to the upper I2C BUS.
- Other add-ons are beeing developet at the moment.

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We lauched the magabot.cc site today, this website will be a repository for informatiom, source code, apps, hacks, support forum, and a place to buy Magabots.

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Magabot is a protoproduct, we are commercializing our open source and open hardware best prototype at a low cost:


If you buy one you will automatically enter on our beta test program, we invite you to share your experiences and to post your results, we will also provide you with support for you to be able to use it, change it, and play with it.

The current price for the platform wthout the sonar kit is 300€ plus VAT, this price only applies for non-commercial, education and research applications. For other application please consult us.

The current price for the sonars kit is 100€ plus VAT.

If you need more information please contact us: info [at] magabot [dot] cc


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Really nice product,

I would be interested in integrating MyRobotLab into it.
Where would I find specifics as to the interfaces mentioned, or details on what is connected to what on the Arduino board?



Hi GroG, 

I'm also developing Magabot together with XicoMBD and GUIBot.

For the moment we don't have all the detailed info on site, but it will be available very soon, you can allways check the arduino code and pins.

For now we have two different serial protocols implemented:

1- Very Simple Serial interface for a soft control.

2- More complex Serial interface for full low level control.

The software is completely open so your invited to change it has you need, we can also discuss about new features and approaches, 

I also would be very glad to support you in integrating Magabot with your  MyRobotLab plataform.

Your invited to join as a member in our site www.magabot.cc, we will try to provide all the support from there.

If you prefer, you can always skype me. Add to your skype andre_rui_almeida.



CtC and Rik were talking about this very thing during one of their LiveShows; a universal laptop chassis. Brilliant.

they Would be cool to have in a place like a pyramid or outer wonder of the world, on line shopping with a twist .could be huge   

When I was designing this robot, I used XicoMBD's code for serial control.

I read it, understood it and modified it. It's great you keep the work and give it more accesssible.

I will keep an eye on your work :D

Very, very nice work. With this robot you are motivating me to find time to finish cr4.