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L298 Paralleled as a single motor unit

Can I parallel the inputs and outputs of a L298 (That's the one with the funny off-set pins NOT the L293D) and double it's current capacity? It is rated at 2 amps per --I would be looking for 4amps total going to one motor.

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I think you can, an H bridge is an H bridge, we all know a 293 can be used this way.

My only concern is how ugly it would look after soldering.

Also I'd step up the heat sink.

Beat me to it....  ha ha

Man, I am "that guy" now...

Yup, I just found it myself. Goes to show, RTFM (all of it!)


I also find myself using Cntrl + F quite a bit to find register names and key words in Adobe Reader and on the web.  Sure saves me a lot of time for  large or disorganised datasheets.  And on that note google boolean operators are also a researcher's freind.

"Figure 7 : For higher currents, outputs can be paralleled. Take care to parallel channel 1 with channel 4
and channel 2 with channel 3."

I've done it in the past with success.