Let's Make Robots!

Web programmers needed

If anyone out there knows the CMS called Drupal, or would spend some serious time learning it, let me know :)

We are making LMR on volentary basis, and we have many good things comming up.. but a lot more on the drawing board, so serious helping hands and minds thinking Drupal would be very welcome to join in. PM me if interested :)

We have an off-line testsite if you should want to practice some.

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Sorry for the OT post, but noticing that the shoutbox only appears on the blogs page and the main home page.

end of OT comment. disregard if this is known or intended.

I know HTML and some Java if that is any help.

Cool, we might get back to you :)


Drupal is a framework written in php, for those folks familiar with PHP, you should be fine. It just like  ROR(ruby framework), or Django(python framework), same concept.

I'd love to work on this project myself as I have used php for a long time now, but I lack even the time to spend on building bots on a regular basis....  :(



I do a lot of php, mysql javascript vbscript some ruby and lots more at work.  I started making robots to get away from that. I've given this a lot of thought and I'd really like to help making this website even better, but I have very little spare time and i'm afraid that doing more web programming turns my robot hobby thingy into work again. Sorry Fritz! 

I follow you 100%

My own robot-production is down by 90% because of all the time I spend on the site!

You make cool stuff, however, so keep that up, because that is actually the best contribution.. and it is what it is all about in the end :D 

No problems using PHP and several DBRMS. But never used Drupal...


Want to spend the time it takes & know Drupal & get in on the dev team on LMR? PM me :)

If it is minor updates and not a major overhaul I can do some. I know PHP really well it is all I use on my private web server. How hard could Drupal be? Scheme is worse...


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