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Obstacle avoidance

My newest bot. I hadn't had time to build one recently, so I MADE time. Heh. Not too much to say about the little guy. I scavenged the tracks/base off of a toy skid-loader. The base has a bay for 3 AA batteries, but i decided to add a 4-AA battery pack to get more speed out of him. I don't mind changing out the motors if I burn them out doing it. It's far more fun to watch him scoot around at the speed he does now.

I decided to name him Boots because 99% of the time I was working on him, my daughter had Dora blasting in the background and it stuck in my head.

His design is pretty basic:

Arduino Duemilanove

SN754410 Quad Half H-Bridge

Parallax Ping sensor


At this point he just drives around avoiding obstacles. My main hurdle was getting the code to work properly. Big thanks to jtk14 for the help he provided there. Thanks also to the rest of the guys over in the shout box for helping pick my way through each issue i had.


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if you spend any time round here, you will know/hear/see a definite request for video :D Glad to see you got your problems sorted.


lol. I will get video up ASAP. Thanks for the help last night Bird. turns out it was 2 things. I had some funky lines in my code that should have thrown back an error but didnt. It wasnt until after going through line by line that i found it. And then my 9v took a crap on me. made him freak out all over again. Took me another 45 minutes of poking around and then finally falling back on my multimeter to figure it out.