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USB Project :- USB Interface Board Using PIC18F4550 to control 6 leds

USB PROJECT :- USB INTERFACE BOARD USING PIC18F4550 Microcontroller ( 6 - led control )

[6-leds controls] -

Enclosed - C# software ( 4.0 .net framework)

                - pic18f4550 Firmware - for 6 leds.

I Used this board to make my first robot on letsmakerobot.com . http://letsmakerobots.com/node/26168?page=1


It’s a low cost USB interface Board that provides cool interface to your computer and it can be used to control various devices like DC Motor, Stepper motor ,Servo ,relay switch etc with your laptop or any computer with a USB port and dot net framework installed. A small  C# program communicates with the hardware to issue commands to set the pins of the Microcontroller. Inspite of LEDS u can use it as control singnals for your project.

USB controlling is more cool than that of parallel port. Rather laptops now days don't come with parallel port, so a USB port is a bit easy replacement.The Video will show u my usb Interface Board, see its working , i will post links for making your own Micro-controller board .

As Audrino Boards are very costly and if are beginner with microcontroller then  you really don’t wanna invest so much on a audrino board for the 1st time on microcontroller, rather if you make one mistake then you microcontroller is fumed (like exceeding Vmax of microcontroller).

BEGINNERS: Microcontroller projects are not like ordinary circuits ( follow schematic and u are done) In case of Microcontroller board there are lots of steps.. Microcontrollers are like Artificial Mind Of a ROBOT.

Tutorial for making this Board is Lengthy, so i will post the links for making this board. This a USB Demo Interface Device , that allows me to control 6 led's, i have used a pic18f4550 microcontroller , i have found the schematics and diagrams on microchip.com to make it.I have modified it control 6 led's , it is provides a cool interface to my computer using USB port and leds are controlled with clicks or pressing numpad buttons on my laptop.It can be used to control various devices , like , Stepper Motor , rervos , DC motor , Relay switches etc etc etc.




Download the firmware code ( for 6 - 8 leds) and C# application at the end ..

At beginning i thought of using Parallel Port but laptop dont come with laptop ,so using a USB port is a cool replacement of parallel or serial port with more better performance. Unfortunately for beginners the detailed information and tutorial step by step construction can be very lengthy , so i am going to post links of the detailed tutorial below , it look a lot of time for me.

Follow each step.





1- CIRCUIT CONSTRUCTION - http://www.rakeshmondal.info/pic18f4550-project-tutorial-part-1-USB


2- FIRST TIME PROGRAMMING - www.rakeshmondal.info/programming-a-microcontroller


3- Making of JDM PROGRAMMER TO LOAD CODE - http://www.rakeshmondal.info/How-to-make-a-JDM-Programmer

4- CONFIG WINPIC 800 with JDM - http://www.rakeshmondal.info/winpic800-config-for-JDM-Programmer


5- DRIVER INATALLATION for PIC18F4550 board - http://www.rakeshmondal.info/pic18f4550-Driver-installation-tutorial


6- BOOTLOADING - http://www.rakeshmondal.info/BOOTLOADING-PIC18F4550-USB-BOARD


7- *FIRMWARE TO CONTROL 6 LED in PIC18F4550 - http://www.rakeshmondal.info/cs-firmware-control-6-leds

8 - ** C# application to control pic18f4550 board DOWNLOAD - http://www.rakeshmondal.info/cs-firmware-control-6-leds


NOTE: IF in case the links above are not working then please come back later after some hours , the website goes goes down sometimes (sorry about it) , though i have attached the C# APPLICATION and 6 -led controlling at the end for Advance users here. But If u really new at microcontroller stufs then please wait for sometime in case the links are are not working. The Links explains everything in Details.





CS-Application-To-Control-PIC18F4550-Board-6LED.zip81.08 KB

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can i write an autonomous programm, not pressing buttons?