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Anyone ordered from Cascabots?

Anybot out there ordered recently from cascabots? I placed an order 30 days ago and still have not recieved the order, or any response to my several emails to them. Has anybody out there suffered the same?


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He used to be a contributer on this site but hasnt been seen in a while. I'm assuming that maybe something happened.

Yeah.. Well. don't give the guy a hard time. I had some mailing with him just before he kinda stopped being online in here. To put it short he is not on "right now", dont know if he will be back, but he is a good guy, just trust me, you want to forgive him if he has left someone unanswered, we all have reasons, you know, and if possible I am sure he will get back :)

Till then we will just have to let it be.

I would just like to let the community know that Casca kindly refunded the money once a paypal dispute was filed.


Very good, thanks!
I ordered some of his sensor mounts recently.  They came very quickly and look great.