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ROBO Lantern

pops a severed head out of the top and plays a strobe and a spoooooky laugh

ok, so my wife wanted a scary halloween prop for "halloween town" and i had a picaxe 28x laying around. so i figured id try building something that popped out of the pumpkin and screamed at you. i forgot to take step by step pics, but i will when i rebuild it. i used the voice module from radio shack but couldnt get it to run off the picaxe, so it is its own seperate unit inside the pumpkin. the pumpkin is a fake one made for carving, so it shouldnt rot around the electronics. it uses a Parallax PIR sensor from radio shack to trigger the program when something in front of it moves. this is definatly a "working prototype. the next one will be much cleaner and , involve 5 pounds of hot glue  and im gonna use a picaxe 08 so the brain wont take up so much room. right now its like a semi truck being used to tow a lawn mower.

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A bit more information would be nice :-)

I made something similar last year http://letsmakerobots.com/node/23308

Hey, you should submit this for the Instructables Halloween Challenge.

Wow, this is really awesome. There are so many things that we can do with pumpkins that it can become difficult to find something new and original but you have done it here. Thank you for sharing.

i was gonna make it shoot silly string at people, but decided to pace myself