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Solar Panel

Throw some light on where I can find some solar panels, I am going to use these for powering some smatt components in a robot, and may use the panel for charging the batteries of the same robot ocassionally.

My requirements are

Vout= 5V

Iout = upto 700mA.

NOTE: I am ready to use series/ paralle combinations in the panels and the use DC-DC regulators to meet my requirments.

IMPORTANT: Size And COST matters. I will not be in a position to afford more than $30~$35 for the wholar solar panel part.

Thank You in advance.

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 If you use these panels ,45v each you will have to make them up, 12 in series will get you to 5.4v and 2400mA, the cheapest I have seen in a while, check the list of were they ship if you live out side the usa. There are 24 cells in the box so you could make 2 panels or use them for another project.


Chris Smith

Go to www.Parallax.com and type in solar panel in the search box.  

I suspect you'll want the 4 pack of 6v panels for $29.   167ma each x 4 in series = 668ma.  other options are available.  generally you want more vout than you need.

I don't know what dimensions you need but a quick check uncovered...


158mm x 162mm, $26.10 worldwide shipping included.