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All starter kits are out, i need one, i just cant find one!!!

Hi LMR community,

I am very excited to have found this website. I have been trying to look for a challenging hobby :)

I need some major help with the starter kit. I went to the link advertised in the "Start Here" section (http://www.solarbotics.com/products/lmr-sh/) to get the starter kit, but it is out of stock. I emailed them twice and no reply. I was going to buy them piece by piece but then I got hit with phased out IR eyes and some other things I could not make out (0.100" Jumper Block (x3).. whats that?!)

so is there any one who is selling the satrter kit that would allow me to follow the tutorial as smoothly as possible? please please please guide me and tell me where to find it


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here is a page with a bunch of the IR sensors.
they all work the same and u can use any one of these,
the main difference is their range.

also the cable you will need for it is this one:


Thank DaveyJones and Basile for your help and forgive me for not getting back and thanking you guys earlier, I was on a business trip for work and it was a bit crazy :)

I am going to place my orders today online and hopefull get the stuff pretty soon.

Just out of curiousity, what are jumper block used for, i dont remember seeing them used in the start-here guide. Are they a must?

they are for connecting 2 header pins. its like a cheaper alternative to a switch.


it seems like i skipped the part in the tutorial where it says u can use female to female to connect the pins :D I am so reliefed. Shipping to Saudi is expensive and I really did not want to have to shop from ebay or some where else for them. 

Thanks :)