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Pacman like Robot Game

Simple robot game

I was happy to be invited to "Idefestivallen", Oslo university, Norway, to set up a small robot event for the visitors.

With less than a week to prepare, I made a simple Pacman like Robot Game:

5 robots on a maze.

3 of them carried a balloon, they where autonomous "Ghosts".

 2 of them was somewhat in control by 2 members of the audience - they where "Pacmen".

When a Pacman drove over one of the "power up's" on the maze, a very sharp huge needle got down (see video). It stayed down for a while, while "power up" was in effect.

Power ups was in fact areas with magnets under the track, and a sensor below the pacmen made it work.

On the video you can also see how a baloon pop was registered. Once a ghost registered a pop, it drove out tho the edge of the maze, to get a new balloon by me. And there was an overall timer on the game, after which all robots stopped. Winners got a Coke ;)

You can also see that on the Pacmen there are little 2 lights on top; Only one is lit; If it's the left one, next time the robot faces a wall, it will turn left. That was how they where controlled; Audience had to boxes, with 2 buttons and 3 LEDs. One LED was constantly lit, showing blue or red player. The other 2 where flashing, corrosponding to what side the robot was about to turn.

I was extremely busy doing this, and while the game was on, I had to change balloons all the time. Some boys where really, really good at the game :) So, unfortunately I did not get to shoot any video when it all peaked, and this write up sucks - but hey; I made a game, and I hope that might inspire someone out there :)


The Pacmen and Ghosts each had 2 Picaxe (one 8m to take inputs from remote, one 28x1 to do the rest).

The "main control unit" was a Picaxe 40, placed in one box with some knobs I could turn to adjust level, time of game, set pause etc. Then it had wires out to 2 other boxes, the audiences "joysticks".

As many parts as possible where pre-made (sensors on PCB's, chassis etc) - to save time.


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Don't think I would have thought of the clothespin method. Incredible work, and awesome to see another robot based game out there!

Just got to say I love this project. Retro Robot Computer Games! brilliant :)

one word WOW

And done very fast.  Only one week?!?!   Wow.  Good job. =)

I think you should call the game "Fritsman"

Great idea Frits!

I have been to some universities in China where all the students make a similar type of robot but then do not know what to do with them. I will tell them about your cool idea and perhaps it will help inspire them.

This project has Frits written all over it. And it is cool.

You deserve to stand tall on the table and look smug.

Frits is a cool idea generator.


Like a father that is watching his kid's potential come to fruition. Stand tall indeed. Well played, sir.