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DIYBin.com: The WORST customer service

I wanted to share with the fellow members my bad experience with the customer service of DIYbin.com.

A very good friend of mine was sent to Miramar, Florida for three weeks because of his job. I intended to have some components sent to his hotel room so that he can carry them all the way back to Argentina. He got there on Sept 18th. I placed 3 different orders. One with Adafruit, (New York, NY) one with Sparkfun (Boulder, CO) and the last one with DIYBin (Miami, FL), tempted by the 5%+5% that this site offers. All three placed on Sept 26th, and all used the same shipping method. The two packages that came from furthest got to the hotel as they were supposed to. The order from DIYBin (the closest supplier by far) has still TO THIS DAY not shipped. Below is a screenshot taken today that verifies what I´m saying.  


Keep in mind that, at the time that I´d placed my order, all items were in stock. As a matter of fact, I´d opted to leave one or two items out of my order because they had to be back-ordered.

In fact, I can understand delays in delivery. What I cannot understand is when suppliers ignore my emails. I have emailed DIYBin 3 times. The first when my order was "upgraded" to "Awaiting shipment". The second when my buddy left the US, giving them a new delivery address. And finally today: 17 days after placing my order. They did not reply to me ONCE.

As far as I´m concerned, DIYBin offers a lousy customer service. I´d like to warn everyone about this. Think twice before ordering from them. This is too bad, because they are one of only three dealers that this community has ties to. And they contribute to keep this site online.

I would apreciate any help that any member can give me to get this order (already paid for) on the road.



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Since you are in Florida you could actually take DIYBin to small claims court.  I would be willing to provided a notarized statement which you could use to show that your experience isn't uncommon.  Doing this would have a couple of effects:

  1. You will almost certainly get your money back,
  2. You might get some small amount in damages
  3. It will help increase awareness of the problem to the legal system in florida.

Regardless what you do I want to encourage you, and everyone else who has had a bad experience with DIYBIN to file a complaint with the Attorney General of Florida if enough people do, they will investigate.

@GMB35 sorry to hear about your experiences.  Sadly they seem all too common.

It is always possible you may get your order shipped.  I have encountered a few cases online who have successfully got their orders.  Unfortunately I have encountered far more where they haven't.  But it is in the nature of the internet that you hear the complaints far more than the praise.

All I can say is that I will never deal with DIYBin again, and don't reccamend others do either.

The best advice I can give you is to contact your credit card company if you paid by card, or open a dispute with PayPal.  It will take a little while, but it will get dealt with.

Also please contact the Attorney General of Florida, especially since you a resident of the state, if we want to get something done about how DIYBin operates, that is the best way to do it.  The more complaints the FL AG gets, the more likely they will investigate.

After getting nothing out of a complaint filed with the BBB (useless, other than to leave a record of bad business for others to see) I filed a claim with my bank and I've got the money back right away. They opened their own investigation and didn't even argue one bit about the claim.

Las time I checked, my order was still "awaiting shippment", or somethink like that.

Can't say it enough times: AVOID DIYBIN !!! AVOID DIYBIN !!!AVOID DIYBIN !!


I checked out with Google Checkout and they did nothing about the situation except forward the message to DIYbin.  Now I've opened a dispute with AMEX and explained the situation and they have suspended the charge.

I also will not be using Google Checkout anymore.  If you open a dispute with PayPal they are all over it.




I don´t know if anyone noticed, but DIYBin.com is gone from the endorsed dealers list! Hurrayyyyyyy!

"One small step for LMR, a giant leap for (this) man."

I did write to Frits and explained the situation. I asked him to reconsider endorsing such f***ing ass***es. He took them down instantly and said that if they didn´t provide a good explanation, that they would be gone for good. They are not back yet, so you do the math.

Thanks, Frits!

I just noticed something else - it used to be that, when I did a Google search for any Dagu or DFRobot type product, DIYbin.com would show up several times in the top of the results.  Now, they're not there.  Their website is still around so I doubt they closed.  I don't know the reason but it might slow the number of people making the mistake that I did.

I've also had the exact same problem with DIYBIN.  Placed an order and have not received it or any response despite repeated attempts.  I will have to contest the bill with AMEX.  Lesson learned - always check reviews of a site before ordering, even if the site appears reputable.

Above this you can read all messages left at the site. I am finally out of patience. I have paid almost $40 on the day that I placed my order. More than 45 days have gone by and, as far as I know, the package never left the shop. What makes matters worse is that they won´t even answer my emails. This has been an infuriating experience.

I will contact Frits separately asking him to reconsider endorsing this business.


  • Shipping deadline

    6th Oct 2011 @ 11:21 AM

      You Said:

    With regards to order #155046, the person it should be heading to (Rafael Salvatori) will be cheking out of the hotel this coming Friday morning. If the order has not shipped yet and/or it won´t make it before then, I will need to modify the final address.
    Please advice.
    Guillermo Andrés Briano

  • Shipping deadline

    6th Oct 2011 @ 2:22 PM

      You Said:

    With regards to order #155046, the person it should be heading to (Rafael Salvatori) will be cheking out of the hotel this coming Friday morning. If the order has not shipped yet and/or it won´t make it before then, I will need to modify the final address.
    Please advice.
    Guillermo Andrés Briano

  • Order shipment deadline

    7th Oct 2011 @ 9:53 AM

      You Said:

    Rafael Salvatori is no longer staying at the hotel. The address this order was supposed to be shipped to is no longer valid. PLEASE DO NOT SHIP.
    The new address is:

    Carlos X. XXXXX XXXX Depto X
    Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA

    There will be a cost difference in the shipment. Email me with details and how to pay for that.


  • 17 days and no news of my order

    12th Oct 2011 @ 11:54 AM

      You Said:

    17 days have ellapsed since I placed my order with you. The order was supposed to be brought to Argentina with a friend of mine who has spent 3 weeks in Miramar Florida. Those 3 weeks are gone and the order has still not shipped. Neither of my messages to you were answered. I am very dissapointed by the service you provide. I can understand delays. I cannot understand lack of interest in keeping me updated. I came to you through letsmakerobots.com. I will leave a detailed post on that site complaining about your poor customer service.


  • Re: 17 days and no news of my order

    12th Oct 2011 @ 5:26 PM

      DIYbin.com Said:


    We do apologize for not getting back to you sooner. We are reaching out to our warehouse to determine when this package will ship.

    As for paying for additional shipping - that is on the house. We will gladly to ship to your location at no extra charge to you.

    Again we do apologize for these delays. If we need to contact a vendor to verify anything it will not be until tomorrow since most of our vendors are already closed for the business day.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Customer Support

  • Proof of shipping

    7th Nov 2011 @ 12:05 PM

      You Said:

    It´s been almost a month since your last message. As far as I can tell based on the tracking information you have provided, the package has not yet left your shop. At least the USPS says they never got it.
    I demand to know what is going on with my order. My patience is at an end.

  • Refund

    11th Nov 2011 @ 10:34 AM

      You Said:

    I believe I have been patient enough. I have asked my credit card issuer for a refund.

Sigh... I KNOW how hard it is to do good customer service.  I run yourduino.com with my friend Peng in China. We have shipped 520 orders so far and only one Paypal complaint from a impatient customer. 

We recently added another fulltime person to pack and ship so Peng can have some time to work on getting new products.

I spend about 2 or 3 hours a day answering customers questions and following up on problems. If just one guy was trying to do all of a shop it would get out of control fast.  

Some hints to get shipments better: Be 100% sure you have a correct address (and hopefully well known by Postal Service or Fedex / DHL etc) . The US Postal service has become VERY fussy about addresses. If the right information is all there but in the wrong order on the label they will send it back UNDELIVERABLE AS ADDRESSED. What ever happened to the Post Office that could get even messed up letters to Grandma??  GGrrrr....

USPS wants the Street address JUST BEFORE the CITY, STATE, ZIP.  Putting the company name AFTER the street address will get Undeliverable. Nice Guys!  

A Trackable package will show up as Undeliverable at a certain ZIP code. IF you call or visit that post office with the tracking number quickly, you can get the package. Wait and it's gone..  That's what happened to my pissed off customer. Paypal gave him his money back, no problem. 

So now we try to look carefully at every address. But it's difficult with addresses in Tahiti, India, Denmark with funny characters. Sometimes we have to email customer to ask for address in plain western letters.

Also make sure to include a phone number if you ship with DHL/Fedex etc. They will actually CALL you if they have a delivery problem. 

I'm trying to get our procedures as bulletproof as possible so I can spend more time on Tekkie Stuff!

Regards, Terry King ...On the Mediterranean in Italy