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DIYBin.com: The WORST customer service

I wanted to share with the fellow members my bad experience with the customer service of DIYbin.com.

A very good friend of mine was sent to Miramar, Florida for three weeks because of his job. I intended to have some components sent to his hotel room so that he can carry them all the way back to Argentina. He got there on Sept 18th. I placed 3 different orders. One with Adafruit, (New York, NY) one with Sparkfun (Boulder, CO) and the last one with DIYBin (Miami, FL), tempted by the 5%+5% that this site offers. All three placed on Sept 26th, and all used the same shipping method. The two packages that came from furthest got to the hotel as they were supposed to. The order from DIYBin (the closest supplier by far) has still TO THIS DAY not shipped. Below is a screenshot taken today that verifies what I´m saying.  


Keep in mind that, at the time that I´d placed my order, all items were in stock. As a matter of fact, I´d opted to leave one or two items out of my order because they had to be back-ordered.

In fact, I can understand delays in delivery. What I cannot understand is when suppliers ignore my emails. I have emailed DIYBin 3 times. The first when my order was "upgraded" to "Awaiting shipment". The second when my buddy left the US, giving them a new delivery address. And finally today: 17 days after placing my order. They did not reply to me ONCE.

As far as I´m concerned, DIYBin offers a lousy customer service. I´d like to warn everyone about this. Think twice before ordering from them. This is too bad, because they are one of only three dealers that this community has ties to. And they contribute to keep this site online.

I would apreciate any help that any member can give me to get this order (already paid for) on the road.



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Although Diybin initally gave me a decent response time and seemed to attempt to help, l in the end, I had to file a complaint about the site to my credit card holder. I informed them at this point I would recieve a full refund and that consider the order never placed. 

Thank you guys for all the information provided on this matter, especially the fact that this is a shared experience not an isolated event. I have placed orders with Pololu and DRRobot, and Sparkfun. These sites come recommended from the community here.

Thank you.

Sorry to hear that. I compare my case to the others here and I feel that I am giving them too much slack...

I have left a message at the site just now, saying that my patience is at an end. I demanded to know what was going on with my order. As far as the tracking information goes, the package has not yet been received by the post office. I don´t expect an answer from them any time soon. If nothing changes by Friday, I´ll file a dispute with Paypal.

I´ll keep you posted.

PayPal have a (I think) 45 day limit for filing disputes. If you back the PP transaction with a credit card you can have the bank challenge it later on. If you ever receive the package, don't think it's the end of it. Stuff might be missing - and then the real fun starts to sort out details with the Bin. Well, they just won't ever respond or just draw it out until you bite the dust.

But I will suggest that you have waited long enough already.  A dispute with PayPal is far from instantanious, and you can always cancel it at any time.  My advice is to file your dispute now, and cancel it if things change for the better.  There is no downside, and there is no need to wait any longer.

Is there a list of preferred suppliers compiled on the list, if not can we compile one based on selection/price/shipment time. I really want to avoid the difficulty Diyvin has generated for some our new commers.

I wish i would have read this blog before I ordered from them. My experience has been slightly different, I was contacted within 24 hours by customer support, but it has  been a week since I placed my order. I really do hope they ship the parts.

After reading this post I was really concerend about ordering from Diybin.com. Part of those concerns have been alleviated. They responded to my inquiries within 24 hours of sending a message, in some cases sooner. They updated my status to shipped. I know that until i get the parts in hand I am not at the finish line, but with everythign posted in this thread i believe LMR is having an impact on the way they approach customers. I hope I can post a positive result as my final experience with them. in either case thanks LMR for persuading them to change their business practice.

It is hard to say if we are having an impact or not.  It is entirely possible that most people's esperiences with DIYBin are perfectly adequate, and that it is only if there is something exeptional about the order (and inventory issue, or the like) that they fall down.

It is in the nature of the web that you are going to hear far more from those who have complaints than those who are contented.  The contented are, by definition, content and typically don't go to the bother of reporting as such.  

I hope it is having an impact, but I personally will never do buisness with them again, regardless of how the reform themselves.  Nor would I reccamend anyone else do.  There are too many other great vendors out there to choose from.

Grimjack1973: I am glad that you have had better luck than us. As far as I know, apart from mine, the other users that still have unfinished business with DIYbin.com are afboman and rabinh.

I have never meant to sour the site´s business. I only wanted to make public my personal experience. Having said that, I have to admit that I am surprised at the amount of people that have shared their bad experience with them right here. I am also a bit surprised that, after the owner of the site took special interest in my order, my already-paid package is (as far as I can tell) still sitting in their shop.

Good luck with your purchase!