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hooking up the wires

I recently purchased the  dagu red back spider and the Dagu 4 Channel 5-12V, 2A Brushed DC Motor Controller. I also puchased the rover 5 with 2 motors. I want to hook everything up so it is correct. I have a basic lay out here http://letsmakerobots.com/node/27513 but want to know more. If I follow the diagram on this link I posted it just seems like it is a portial hook up. Ok the vcc and ground from the two moters would go the the blue board with is the motor comtroller but where? The four encoder wire from both motors would go on the right side black to ground red to vcc and what ever color is A and B would go as labled. would go on input right? what would go on the right side of the board on the pin that is labled encoder output A and B? On the top of the board it is labled where the white pieces are sticking out should be two on the top and to on the bottom labled motor 3,4 output on the top and motor 1,2 at the bottom. Where would they go? As far as the right side of the board ch1 current, direction and PWM would go to the red back spider. Please help Thank you for taking time to look at my post Jason

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Thanks goes to robosavy.com for posting that image.

Someone else has a Rover5 chassis w/ 4 motors.

Maybe you could get some other pointers from them?

If you go to the link you show, the last picture in the comments has the motor connections labeled as encoders. The actual manual is here. Read the manual.

As a quick run-down...

  • Direction goes to a digital output
  • PWM goes to a digital output capable of PWM
  • Current goes to an ADC channel to be read

That's it. Skip the encoders until you get motors running. Actually, skip the current pin too --No need to read the current draw or check the speed of the motors until your motors are running.

--You may, in the future, do a quick proofread of your questions before you post them. There are a few words sorta missing out of what you wrote above to the extent that the question itself was hard to understand.