Let's Make Robots!

RadRover v1.1

Well it's the tracks from a Broken Rad robot and a bunch of parts either in the mail, needing to be ordered or waiting to be added. I should have it all together by new year and hope to start on my second robot. 

The moch version is made with foam board and plastic tubes. I plan to use coroplast and plexiglass along with a plastic dome I found in a plastics shop near Chinatown in NYC. The Ultrasonic HC-SR04 will be mounted to the dome and should give it some Character. Arms(one or two) will be mounted under the upper level. Servos are on the way! 

The tracks get around my Apartment very well. No problems with rugs or door way thresh holds. I figured I needed a base that could make it around in a very old NYC apartment. 

The first "test" Video was for JAX who wanted to see some RC Car Destruction...Hmm all I had around the house was my Lady's Ugh Boots :) 

I have been working out the noise problem of the gears and motors..? I'm thinking in the end insulation and sealing up the compartment is the best way to lower the noise.

2/17/13 update

Been motivated as of late :D Although it is pretty simple like a SH robot with remote control and wireless web cam. 

More to come. 

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More RADbots. I too have a RADbot. Don't know if there's a difference between versions but mine is a 1.0 (had the complete bot so I looked up the version). Seems the same, hi/low gear switch and power switch underneath the back. Looks like we have a sub-group forming. :-)

The first photo was kinda mind boggling untill i saw the last photo, lol. Very awesome!