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Biped walker with 3 servos (Dead Duck Walking)

Walks the walk
dead_duck_walking_and_tricks.bas2.38 KB
dead_duck_walking.bas1.32 KB

For the sake of it, I wanted to see if I could make a really simple biped - and this is what I came up with :)

I thought it was really fun to do, much more than expected, I can recommend it :) if I can find the time, I would love to do some other versions of this kind of simple moving creatures.. a couple of servos, wood, glue, Picaxe, back to basics, good fun :D

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always using wood? that's great !! but is it simple enough? 

I'm not quite sure I follow your "is it simple enough"?

no, don't do anything about it, it's just so cool, haha, a dead duck!?!

Nice and simple!

nice video of an awesome bot , great walking action with a counter balance , the video was impressive for a how to :)

We should make another robot video competition! The Night of the Living Dead Duck Competition! +1 point for Halloween themed idea. 

I notice that the bot seems to start its walk somewhat slowly and then it seems once inertia sets in it can really get down to business. Is that programmed or just plain ole physics?

There are 2 answers to this:

If I just let it go from stand still to walk, it will do the wobbling, and after 2-3 wobbles start walking.

But if I want (I think that is shown in one clip), I can just start a walk with a fast tip to one side, combined with a little foot work, and .. hang on.. yes - at 0:23 in the video (the first walk) I do the little tip-over, and as you can see it starts walking right away without wobbling.

The walking looks great, but just for curiosity, can it turn?

"Can it turn"? Very good question!

THe answer is yes: The slow and nice looking turn; just do a little more to one side than the other whilst walking. Or the ugly "stand still first, and make some moves to turn, and then start walking again".

There are a lot of ways to turn while standing still -one looking better than the other, and one more likely to cause a fall than the other.

I would have shown a lot more of the robots possible moves, but I am under an editor at make, and the videos have to be short. In fact I was pushing the limits of length with this one.