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Delta robot with Arduino

Delta robot with multi-tool end effector

This is my first delta robot. It isn't perfect yet, but it works. I tried to use different tools in the end-effector. A vacuum pump made with a syringe and a pen for drawing. Other details, the code and pictures here: http://robottini.altervista.org/delta-robot-with-arduino

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Nice movement...   You could have it shuffle a game of poker.. 

Hey thats a cool robot I always wanted to make one of those.

You may check the link below which shows a different approach to the making of a delta robot .


he said that they are good in the pick and place roll, but, not so good for attempting to machine because they lack accuracy.

On a completely different note, it is always good to see deltas constructed. Maybe someday I will build one for fun too. :)

For me the difficult is to find good ball joints, cheap, with 3mm hole for the arms. I think the problem is the hardware, not the software. That do you think?

This just goes to prove that a basic delta robot is fairly cheap to make.

The robot is a bit imprecise, most likely due to play in the joints. It would still work great for a pick and place task, such as sorting a bucket of nuts/bolts/washers by size/material. Actually, I should build that, I always have bags of random stuff that need sorting.

Not bad. Not bad at all! Certainly you used way more sturdy materials than I did in my "m&m sorter #3"

Can we have some closeup photos of the details?

And the green frame thing, is that your wifes coffee table?

I'm sorry but I have already cannibalized the delta to make a new one! I hope to finish soon