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Light Seeking Bugbot

Gets attracted to light

Hi LMR' ians

This is first attempt at making a robot and I must say that putting it together was fun!!...:-)

As I had no prior experience to robotics.( racing Tamiya cars 15 years ago does not count) I started off with something relatively simple and from a kit that I bought through Ebay. Well it was pretty tough in the beginning to get the SMT components soldered on the PCB board. This light seeking robot has basically a battery located at the bottom of it powered by 2 solar cells. It has 2 motors mounted at the bottom and depending on light direction, it should walk towards it....

Well after I was done though, some small tweaking was needed, a motor terminal had to be swapped ( not according to drawing) and some additional terminals were needed to be bridged, ( which was also not mentioned in instructions) but hey....I can accept simple troubleshooting... The bot is working and responding to light but I must say that it needs to loose some weight!!! The motors do spin but once its set on the table, it does not move at all..The motors just stop..And also when you expose them to more light.. I was holding a lamp stand directly above it and it refised to budge....:-(...So I have now an overweight bugbot..

I guess I need to either change the battery capacity or probably even the motor...but thats for later...At the moment I'm onto another challenge...this one's gonna take a little more time I think..

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I like. Are the solar cells providing the power to the motors? If so you should try out your bot under direct sunlight, it might come to life.

Well actually the solar cells power a 130mAh battery. The motors are then powered from there...but thanks for the suggestion...the weather in Wales is too gloomy though...:-(...no bright sun

HA cool, welcome to LMR!!! what kind of robot kit is that?

Its one that I bought on from Ebay... but it can be found here. Apparently there's a new PCB board version that's coming out


cool, thanks!