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Moves on water.

Another school project.
I designed it by myself, and it goes fast on water but it doesn't move on the floor.
It uses spinning direction switch,one motor (not geared) and a 2x 1,5v batteries (AA).
Speed is 0,5m/s on water and it's fourth fastest hydrocopter in our little champions.
I only have to glue the switch to the body and that's it!

I have some drawings of this in the school and tell me if you like to see them!


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cool!, but you should add pictures and more description! you should make more advance robot!

and i subscribed on your youtube channel!

Only a school project but i may modify it. And i'm doing a minisumo

If you want it to move on the floor, you should minimize the surface that touches the floor. If you make the styrofoam feet a lot narrower, it will move on the floor.

Good luck!

I tried it with wheels and it worked.