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My first Arduino SHR


Hello LMRians. I'm now super exited as most of my robot parts have finally arrived!

These parts are going to be used for my first SHR. The brain, if you would like to know, is an Arduino-based microcontroller.

It is indeed the Ubotino Controller V3 and measures at a mouth-gaping (for me that is) 5 x 5 cm!

This board can be bought by our well known Ro-Bot-X at his online shop : http://robotxdesigns.ca/

Here are some very bad pictures of the parts :

1. Ubotino Controller V3

2. Ubotino (size comparison)

3. Pre-uploaded blink sketch works! It's alive!!!

4. GM9 and wheels. Ooh! Blue!

5.GM9 (size comparison)

6.Sharp GP2Y0A21YK IR sensor. (Afraid to unpack due to fears of ESD)

7.A badly abused parcel. (By me) Ooh... what do you think is inside?

8.Aww... their my first servos. They look so snug as if in their nest.

9.Here they are again. (Better view) I see they have left the nest.

10.What my SHR should look like. (Lol) Looks like a broke down car...

Well, thats all of them. Now all I have to do is wait for tomorrow, when my long-awaited FTDI

cable will arive. Then I can get down to business...

UPDATE (31.10.2011)

Aaron to LMR. Do you copy? The FTDI cable has landed! I repeat, the FTDI cable has landed!

I'm now doing various experiments with my Ubotino aka. Arduino! Look forward to seeing my robot

on the robot list a week or two later!

SHR_code_2_0.pde2.52 KB

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Ok, one week is gone....how are the things going?

Did you not see Arcee on the robot page, he's still on the front page. But the SHR, uh... it's gonna take a few more weeks/days untill my sensor gets a warranty claim because of it's "faultyness". Untill then, I have built Arcee, for playing around with. Once I get another sensor i'll plop it on Arcee and, Ta-da!, it's an SHR which can also be controlled by an IR remote control with a click of a button. :D 

Guess what? Guess what? Guess what?

The cable didn't arrive today as well!

Plan on it coming on December 1st then be excited when it comes earlier. :D

Hehehe...mind fooling...

I'm bored waiting on hold talking to applecare.

Today...nothing as well... i'm giving 1 last chance for tommorow before I breakdown...

Sorry to hear that... I'm actually amazed that you got the controller so fast. Usually it takes 2 weeks international shipment. I guess you got all the possible delays with the cable shipment, a real bad luck. Canada Post says sometimes the packages get on the plane imediately, sometimes they wait a few days, because the container needs to be filled up. Then there are weekends when they don't work, public holydays, customs may open the package. I've had packages taking as long as 2 weeks delivered to USA, but never a lost package. So just be patient. I wait 10-12 days for my SparkFun deliveries from Colorado to Ontario if I chose the cheap postage (I almost always do). Oh, and from China, I wait 4 weeks. Man, that's a lot of waiting...

The irony of the whole thing is...I have all the parts delivered to me exept the cable! And all these parts are useless without that cable, lol. I bet if I asked a begger whether he wanted them, he would say,"No, thanks".

Todays Wednesday and it's a public holiday so...yeah, still no cable. (Sigh) Better luck tommorow, i guess.