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RDM (Red drum machine) YDM tribute

can drum and wander around

I have managed to get every thing except the neck motor to play ball. it took a bit of trial and error to find the correct wiring connections as my board layout is different to what was shown in the Make Mag when I first built it its head would turn to the left then back to the centre. the motor driver got very hot now it dose nothing. Ill have to wait untill I can get another L293D and try again

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a Video would be nice to see 

hahaha cool, not only i have a picture of an orangutan!

Nice looking build. I wonder if the weight of the head with the speaker on top was too much for those little GM10 motors.


Haha, that is cool looking :)

It's going to be interesting to see how it will perform :) I think you will have some isues here:

The front needs to be flat, so it can allign - it looks as if the speaker is sticking out.

The sticks looks like they are much too long and at least one is of chrome/brass. I think they will be very hard to move fast enough.

And I am not sure if mounting the speaker on top of the moving "head" is a good idea - I think you will kill the geared motor, or have trouble moving the head fast enough.

There was a reason for the design I made - but of course you are making your machine, and I may be wrong :)

I am looking forward to seeing more!

The offending speaker is only sitting there temporarily until I build a proper housing.

I will move the speaker and try the head again

Is there a way to check a motor driver without test equipment?

other wise its another week wait to get a replacement


Video = Nice - you are there, you just need tuning :)

To check a motor driver, the simplest is to hook up a small motor and a microcontroller.

This will only be slightly simpler than hooking the driver up to a microcontroller. :)

Stick your motor driver in a breadboard.
L293 pinout

Based on the pinout:

  1. connect 4,5,12, and 13 to ground
  2. connect 1,8,9, and 16 to +5v(1 and 9 are the enable pins, tying them to +5v will enable the drivers)
  3. connect a motor to pins 3 and 6(later move it to pins 11 and 14)
  4. insert a pair of free jumper wires so that you can first connect pins 2 and 7 to ground and/or +5v(once again later you will move those wires with the motor and the wires will connect to 10 and 15)

Once you have all that mess wired. With the motor on 3 and 6, you can connect pin 2 to +5v and 7 to ground and your motor should rotate. Reverse the wires, 2 to ground and 7 to +5v, and the motor should reverse direction. Do the same with the motor on pins 11 and 14 and your jumpers on 10 and 15. You should get similar results.

We have video! :) Your drum machine seems to have a bit too much self preservation instinct when it comes to 'running into things'.  :)

Your getting a good  rhythm going there. Keep tweeking away. :)

Nice robot you've been building. That red head gives it some personality i think.. good job!

Oh, and fix the little typo on youtube.. RMD=RDM ;)