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Can this breadboard handle 2A?

I plan to use 5V at 2A (10W) with this breadboard. It`s pretty small and cheap but I`m afraid it might not be able to handle 10W. 


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power regulators and motor drivers generate heat as part of normal operation thus the heat sink, if you sucked all 2A out of 1 trace you are more likely to burn a wire if it's very thin or heat up what ever part is driving the load and melt the top of the bread board .if this go's on for to long the bread board's trace will start heat up as well

but in saying that it comes down to the thickness of the traces in the bread board and you said it was cheap

let's say Robot shop sell some what good stuff and they have been around a wile . im going to say Yes but don't push it past 5A for to long :)

Thanks a lot! 

what about the rest of it dude?

how much heat can the plastic take before it deforms?


im guessing somewhere between 160 - 360 c the plastic will start to soften and melt ,depending on the grade of plastic.

i figured it was common knowledge and not needed . ill try to be more in depth next time .

I have seen a friend pull the back off a big metal backed breadboard and solder on solid core copper wire to the stamped traces. Its possible you could do the same for this little breadboard.

On the same note, he does the same solder job on motorcontroller pcb traces which keeps them alive under heavy loads.

(which he uses on battlebots)