Let's Make Robots!

People looking at you robot

I somehow dont know what to think when somebody looks at you robot, spots the arduino board, then askes if the computer board thingy came from an old computer. Anyone else have thoughts?

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in the mind of the general public" See a Usb, port must be a computer ,and because it's naked boards it must be some kind of monster recycled junk thing that you don't care about ,also that won't to be clever too and it's the first thing they think of instead of what's that? and how dose it work? and listen to what you have to say 

@ MetalmonkeeLad  i think they also wonted to be cool like you. instead of asking what's that ?

the first step to wisdom >>>>>>   I don't know !.. when you know, you don't know , then you know something.

the more you learn the less you know .......... wow heavy man

human nature is a funny thing people like to to be liked, and some times they say dumb shit thinking that's what's cool and they go wrong ,if there really into it they will take steps to find out more but most of the time that kind of thoughtless comment comes from sort of envy and they need to take the spot light off you  

lol, you are right!!! they call me "the school scientist!" but my classmates are very friendly! they will always put me in a safe position!

ha! i remembered when i brought my pet red eared slider turtle in our school, when my classmates saw it, they asked me if it is a robot, why would they think of that?