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Tortoise MKII

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this is my first cnc construction bot.

as a team work.the cnc,electronic and software part was done by chenrq.i do the last work. the bot use 9 of towerpro 5010 servos.

we designed the 24 channel servo board,the control part was an arduino m328 nano with PS2 remote.the attached file show all ele parts.

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Good job~~ Is it NANO+Servo board?

servo board with nano shield,and the servo board has including PS2 remote function.

another one from digi01!!!

Well done!

I'm impressed with how many functions you can get it to do through various button-presses.   How many inputs does the MCU see from the controller / receiver?     or does the servo board provide your inputs?

all gait was upload to nano,and it control the servo board via Rx/Tx ports.

Is it possible we can see your code? Teeheehee.....拜託拜託(pleassssse...)

Nice robot! Can you do a "tutorial" of something?