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Robot that listens then repeats drum beats made from lego NXT!


I made this robot using lego NXT. The program is written in NBC/NXC using BrickCC. A drum pattern is played by the user then after one second of silence the robot repeats the pattern played. This is achieved by using the sound sensor, when a sound loud enough is played the time in ms that the sound was registered is recorded into an array. Once the drum pattern is completed the robot then plays a beat that corresponds to the information stored in the array. If anyone wants the source code your more than welcome, just ask! (but I am self taught so it might not make for great reading! enjoy! :)

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This is great confectionary concussion!

I don't know how you did this but it's cool.
I have a Nxt robot and i wondering how you did this.
I got the Mindstorms software and RobotC.

/Emil Hemdal (SWE)

Ah, didn't see you had posted a robot project, I'll copy my comment over from the web link. I like it, watching the video feels like watching someone's first tentative communication with an alien :)

YEAH - this is totally .. What was the name of that film?? Only remember the tune "Doo Duu Doo Daa Daaaa"

/ Frits

I think you mean "Close Encounters of The Third Kind" :-)

Nice :)

What would happen if your default position for the sticks where 2/3 down, so they would not have to travel that far?

/ Frits