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USV Celeste


The Celeste is an Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV), the boat is semi autonomous with a control radius of 5 KM (telemetry and video feed). Main computer is powered by Picaxe 40X2, engine and helm servos are mostly self made and controlled by Picaxes and Pololu controllers.

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how does it decide when to steer ie does it dodge large waves or just stay cose

The boat attempt to maintain heading, when encountering a large wave (preset threshold downwards acceleration) engine is throttled back until wave is over. 

another one with an orangutan picture? 

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As I have built something similar I would love to see a more detailed description and some pictures. The hull looks great, is it a standard RC boat hull?
There wasn’t much information on your website, are you just starting up?

Will post more pictures tomorrow. The helm is driven by a capstan arrangement (pull-pull cable). The engine controls are built into the engine with proper shielding against EMI and heat. All connections were made IP67.


Control is done using a duplex RS232 system.


The hull a mini speedboat called Addictor 190, GRP deck was added and boating hatches fitted. Engine in the movie 6HP outboard, soon to be changed 

Ok, then your boat is way bigger than the one I built. My boat had to be able to be carried by one or two men to remote lakes, and speed is not a concern.

Great work! Looking forward to see some more pictures.

AY! Supreme wicked!! :D

can you share the rudder control when steering to waypoints?