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servo power

this hasn't happened but say if i pluged as many servos as i could in my board would they have enugh power ? would i need a second battery pack?, where would i atach it? and how would i stop it from destroying my microcontroller?



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not only how many servos will you have, but how many will be operating at the same time? You could have 8 servos on a picaxe, but i wouldn't use more than 2 or 3 at the same time.

rule of thumb, more than 2 servos, use external power. this can be the same batteries that are powering your microcontroller, just don't pull your servo current through that way.

You have not told us what board you are talking about. If you plug servos into a power board you will smoke them and risk electrocution. Are you talking about a picaxe or Arduino or something else? What type of servos are you talking about? Miniature, standard? More importantly what are their torque ratings? Servos with a high torque rating draw more current.

I use arduino with servos. one or two servos should be ok with power directly from Arduino. However, I strongly recommend you to use external power for servos.

You probably need to provide more detail about your project so other can help you better. As many as how many? 8,12 or 24+ servos? What microcontroller you are using etc...