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My first robot!

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It is with mixed emotions I want to introduce you to my first robot! I am both excited and frustrated hehe. Excited becuase I put it together and it looks very sexy (i know lots of wires here and there but i still find it sexy hehe). Frustrated because I got the servo to respond and I got one motor to respond. However the other motor and the eyes do not do anything. I know that the other motor works fine (i switched the motors back and forth between the pins and figuered out that both work but only and the "high" not "low")

I am not sure if my soldering over heated the board in those areas or if the pins are the problem. I know i can still get it to move and interact using one wheel (bit of out of the box thinking will have to take place lol) but the eyes are what is really frustrating me.

What do you guys think?

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can you give more info about hardware and how are you programing?

If you want, let's break it sown into small bits, and I am sure we can help you.

Focus first on one thing that is not working: Take pictures (close up, in focusl, well lit, both sides of the board, and of the parts connection), supply a short piece of code you test with, let us know what happens when you run the code :)

If you don't have one you should get one soon. Check for continuity between solder joints and the components you're having problems with.

hey guys, thanks for your support

okay, it has been crazy for me here (work meeting on weekends ;( very not cool)

here is what is working now. The servo is working fine. servo 0, 150, servo 0,200 (basicly the commands that fritsl describes in his tutorial for the servo) are working. High  is working (so one wheel is alive)

hehe thanks for the advice, i am actualy on my way to get one, yesterday i drove to the only radio shak in my city and they did not have one (soo much for the u got questions we got answers thing lol) actually theier staff were so clueless it is not even funny. Nonetheless i will try an other place tonight and get one

first thanks so much for such a website, you rock!!! :)

What does not work is the eyes, i did the debuging thing and no values change). Low does not work, the wheel does not repsond. I thought the motor is not working, so i switched the wires around (motor a became b and b became a) to test the not-working motor and it responds very well.

I will take pictures tonight and post them here for you to check out.

I am programming using picaxe stuff. I got their picaxe programming editor from their website (i hope thats what u meant by ur question :)  )

i will let u guys know what happens very soon :)


It is good to see Radio Shack has the same staffing standards no matter where in the world they are. :P

not just Radio Shack dude,

Jax, Fritsl, aventgps!!!!

I think he can see now!!!! I am sooooo happy, i just wanna make sure that this is real lol

so the b0 row value change like crazy if i put a book infront of the eyes (not really close becuase it acts weird, the number go koo-koo which was explained). thats good news right?



The values shouldn't be all over the place. If they wander back and forth between a range of numbers by a few units that's expected. If you move an object closer than the rated measurement distance it should appear to get further away as you get even closer. Sound similar to your experiences?

sir yes sir, thats pretty much what is happening. At certain distances it maintains the same number (+ or - 1 or 2) but close enough does not even recognize my hand (i guess i wont be telling my bot talk to the hand hehehe)

i actually just uploaded the code, i think my room is too cluttered for it and/or i got the wheels mixed up. But it seems like it is working :D

I even suped it up a bit.. i found an old black box for my black berry (i knew keeping this like that would be handy one day) so i cut it up here and there and kind of gave it a body hehe (for the first time in my life i say to myself why am i in business, i should have been in engineering lol)

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i think i got them all fixed now.. I will give u guys the details of my epic screw up later (very embararssing, so i am trying to hold off telling u till y'all forget about this looool)

As soon as i have it put together again and up and running i will do a vid and will let u guys know