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Stopbot - this was my first robot project

This was my first robot I ever built.
It was CNC cut from an old stop sign by a friend. It was very simple with only a Atmel Mega8, a 293 motorcontroller, and a sonar sensor board that was suppose to see movement and chase it. I did get it to run, but I never could get the sonar board to work right. So after it sat for a few years I gave it to a friend who's now got it running using a Pic and some Sharp distance sensors. I also never got video of it driving, but I keep its pictures online to hopefully inspire others.

LMR and Start Here robots didn't exist back then.

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Nice blog!

Its cool to see evolution in progress.

Pretty soon you'll be building your own autonomous Mars rover!

Only it will be better as it won't cost the finances of a small country.

CNC'ed from a stop sign that's cool, not going to ask were the stop sign came from.

i was curious about the sonar board, in particular was it a proximity sensor or distance measure 

to build a movement following robot with just 1 sensor, i think it would be next to impossible or very hard for a first robot . i struggle with simple object avoidance and that's using 3 or more sensors, like everything practice practice practice .,...

glad you never gave up :).


CNC'ed from a stop sign that's cool, not going to ask were the stop sign came from.

Yeah someone might have made a late night trip out to the country and found a shiny red and white victim standing there all alone just asking for it!!!  -LOL

But I don't know who would do such a teenage prank just to make his first robot.....


It was from a door alarm, so technically it did both, distance/proximity.

I wanted to make a cat chaser so the robot would turn a little, scan, then turn a little, scan, to follow any movement detected.

Basically I was wrong all the way around for this plan to work.

My sensor choice was completely wrong for what I was trying to do.

The chassis wouldn't have been fast enough if the sensor board would have worked, etc.

I learned a lot through that failure.