Let's Make Robots!

Chopstick's return from Makers Faire

Chopsticks arrived back at DAGU today in good condition. Andrew did a great job and even sent me a cool "T" shirt! LMR logo is on the back.

Well done Andrew!


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Jax was the closest in guessing the Mystery object!

It is a panel for displaying different types of LED lights that we produce.

Damn you robotic gremlins preventing my showing at the Maker Faire. I would have gotten that excellent lousy t-shirt!!! What a prize!

And I think the thing above OB's head is the coolest looking shop light evah.

When it comes to preparing robots for a public venue the Golden Rule is dust off something you built previously about 2 weeks before the event so you have time to deal with all the new problems that crop up!

TV personalities always say "never do live TV with animals and children" because they are unpredicable. Time to update that saying to include robots.Chopsticks let me down at ASPAC 2011 because there was too much IR light and it blinded him.

Bill Gates might want to include Windows opperating systems.

The question is what is the thing above his head? I see LEDs, polymorph, and wires...

Must be an interactive coat rack of some sort!

What can I say.... I've moved from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere. Draw your own conclusions ;-)

Strange how your hair is moving from bottom and up - most men has it the other way over the years :D

Most Excellent Shirt! LOL

PS-j/k about the nice robot. It is most definitely awesome as well.

Jup, that shirt really makes me want to send a contraption next time ig put out a call for creations! if i just had something shippable...

i like the shirt too.